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song jieun in don’t look at me.

"don’t look at me, not like that. all we did, all we did was love each other…

don’t curse me. as you can see, we’re just a little bit, a little bit different.

just leave us alone.”
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I was a bit dormant for a while, but I’m awake. I would like to get back into plotting, so please reblog/follow and I will come check you out. 

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♥ To me the person behind the character has always been much more important and since many people have been feeling down lately in real life, I would like to remind to each of you that you are worth all the happines, each sincere smile, each heart-warming gesture. Life could get tough at times but you should stay strong and remember that there are so many positive things to hold onto.  Please, take care and stay safe. 

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Nah but forreal tho
— a nigga that really wanna know (via king-emare)
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people who append their grief with ‘i wasnt a fan, but,’ its okay. you didnt have to be a fan of someones work to mourn their death. death is always tragic. untimely, unjust loss is always worthy of grief. dont make this about fandom or kpop. a young girl is dead and you dont need to own her discography to mourn her passing.

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