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I go, I go, I go— I completely go hard, go hard, go hard…. when it comes to eating Chinese because  man, am I hungry.

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You winked at me—

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wassup in idol school dancing ‘wassup’ + introducing yourself

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mun facts tagged by: yacekuza

01. What’s your nameLexi

02. When’s your birthdayJul. 11th.

03. Where are you from? east coast of 'murica.

04. Have a crushNo.

05. What’s your favourite colorTurquoise— actually I don’t have a favorite.

06. Write something in caps? WOOP WOOP. 

07. Got a favourite band/artistB.A.P. and Sam Smith.

08. Favourite number? …..i dont have one??

09. Favourite drinkIced Coffee.

10. Tag ten people: aneiko, taengcream, naeoes, binqutop, byunghunique, jokinsoo, jia-z, bvni, mark2won, dlcvita

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Dear Sujs, (even if she's ded)
I will write about the following. Leave one in my ask box:
-> To: Sujs

Dear Toddler-San,

I miss you so much. (aND DONT PLAY WITH ME “EVEN IF SHES DED” BYE) I really miss your humor and little jokes, and even your teasing of me. You’re like my little sister; and without you, I feel like a piece of me is missing. It gets kinda lonely every now and then since you and Nada aren’t around anymore, but like the strong girl I am I’m managing. I wonder what made you leave so suddenly though, I selfishly and secretly wish you could’ve stayed for the summer past. Aaand that you come back, eheh. BUT WOAH SUJ DID YOU REALIZE, ITS BEEN A YEAR ALREADY! We’ve gotten closer all in this one year not counting our pre-debut days ok. I just— time really amazes me okay. Please return to Unnie soon, okay? You’re heavily missed and the others at the dorm always ask and wonder about you. I love you, Toddelr-san!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


Ba$ed Unnie <3 

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[HQ] A-PINK’s Bomi for G9 - 1480 x 2220

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reblog or follow. oc muse. 
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