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"You say live for tomorrow, but tomorrow is uncertain. Live for today, because the people of today are the people that matter."
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In another life, I would make you stay, so I don’t have to say you were the one that got away…


—-  I’ll keep it short and simple. Not new, kinda old infact (maybe a little smelly). I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me out. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Make some friends, possibly some enemies mostly enemies tbh. I don’t have much to offer, maybe just someone to share a couple of laughs with or someone to laugh at. Also, did I mention that I am an incredibly great dancer ontop of being a charming man with looks that could charm a blind person? Yeah, let that sink in. So what are you waiting for? Press that follow button!

                  GENERAL | LITERATE | 18+
Track: A Talk
Artist: 현아
Album: A Talk
Plays: 148

내 x 일훈 - 누나라고 불러
Release Date: 2013.28.07Genre: R&BLanguage: Korean, EnglishConcept: With the release of their digital single ‘Call me Noona’ the two rappers put together an R&B feel track talking about a noona and her dongsaeng. After a mutual break up the two meet up again months after making the female wonder how he grew up so handsomely. Instead of being a dongsaeng to her once again he calls her by her name, making her heart patter just a little, requesting for the younger to call him noona. The male being mischievous continues on with calling her by her name. 
Track List: 01. 누나라고 불러 { x }

                   2ND MINI-ALBUM SOVEREIGN  X  08012014
That Bxxtch (feat. LE & Kitti B)
Knockout (feat. P.O of Block B)
Queen B
HBIC (remix feat. Jia of Miss A)

Crucial curve  

"Lemme try this ad, if it works. Waddup, I’m Lee Joonkyung better known as Dok2. I’m tha CEO of 1llionaire been in tha rap game since I was 16, got only a few chingus n’ collabs needa happen as well as friendship. How about ya spread the word out, help this dude out?"
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